PCM Flashing (LS1B / 0411 / E38 and other PCMs)

PCM reflash (LT1, LS series, or Vortec.)

No emissions, VATS removal, dual fan enable, etc. Free USPS return shipping to lower 48

Used PCM $75

Recondition your stock harness and PCM

Vortec, LS, (contact for others)

With Power Distribution Module (Basic PDM), no emissions, PCM reflash and 3-wire hookup.

Dual fan upgrade (relays, fuses and wiring built-in)$75
Convert drive-by-wire harness to drive-by-cable$50

New LS Harness (4.8, 5.3, 6.0, LS1)

Drive-by-cable, Manual Trans, Power Distribution Module, All new connectors, seals, and TXL wiring. Plug and play.      

PCM tune$75
Auto Transmission controls (4l60e, 4l80e)
Dual fan upgrade (relays, fuses and wiring built-in)$75

Wiring and Tuning

So you've got your junkyard LS engine or Vortec 350 and now you need to get it running. The wiring harness and computer can be very intimidating. We can modify your used harness or build you another and make it as simple as a 3-wire hookup. We can also flash your computer so it will run at it's peak performance.

Power Distribution Modules (water proof)

Engine Power Management 'Basic' PDM (Banks 1 and 2 fuses, fuel pump relay and wiring)$90
Dual Fan PDM (2 Relays with 3 fuses with wiring)$90
Engine Power Management 'Fully Loaded' ('Basic' + Dual Fan relays, Brake relay or Aux relay/fuse)

Customized Power Distribution Modules

Small PDM base price (includes base, lid, seal, locks and bracket)$25
Large PDM base price (includes base, lid, seal and locks)$35
Price per fused circuit (5' TXL wire, pins and seals)$10
Price per relay (mini or square plus 20' 12-18ga TXL wire, pins and seals)$15