Wiring and Tuning

So you've got your junkyard LS engine or Vortec 350 and now you need to get it running. The wiring harness and computer can be very intimidating. We can modify your used harness or build you another and make it as simple as a 3-wire hookup. We can also flash your computer so it will run at it's peak performance.

New, custom-made harnesses (4.8, 5.3, 6.0, LS1, LT1)

Great option if you are changing intakes and/or want to hide the PCM in the vehicle. Also keep in mind where you'd like the main power module to sit. When ordering a new harness provide info on how long you need the fuse block trunk to be from a given point on the engine as a reference. Also how long you need the harness-PCM trunk starting at the center rear of the engine block on top.

Drive-by-cable, Manual Trans, Power Distribution Module, All new connectors, seals, and TXL wiring. Custom length trunk. Plug and play.      

PCM tune$75
Auto Transmission controls (4l60e, 4l80e)
Dual fan upgrade (relays, fuses and wiring built-in)$75
PCM $75

Recondition your stock harness and PCM

Vortec, LT1, LS Gen 3, 4 and 5 (contact for others)

Gen 3 and 4 harness (99-13) conversion. Power Distribution Module (Basic PDM), emissions stripped out and 3-wire hookup.

Gen 5 harness (2014+) conversion with PDM$450
PCM/TCM reprogramming (2016+ ecms add $60)$75
Dual fan upgrade (relays, fuses and wiring built-in. Gen 5 fan options unavailable.They use a PWM fan signal)$75
Convert drive-by-wire harness to drive-by-cable (Required TPS and IAC plug added. 01-02 PCM required for drive by cable to work)$50

PCMs and Reprogramming

1996-2013 PCM reprogramming (LT1, LS series, or Vortec.)

Emissions disable, VATS/Security disable, dual fan enable, AFM delete, tire and gear change/speedo recalibration, etc

2014+ Gen 5 ecm reprogramming$135
PCM (1996-2007)$75
PCM (2008-2013)